Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week 1: Update from Copenhagen!

Leaked Documents, protests tens of thousands strong, false promises, people fighting for their livelihoods..These are all things we have seen at the first week of the Copenhagen Climate Talks. Island Nations have banded together like never before to prove a point at this all important conference. This isn't just about economics but this is about life and death. Countries like Tuvalu remind us that they will be underwater if drastic changes aren't made. Other developing countries are losing water sources and are being devastated by an increase in natural disasters. Something major must be done!

According to a new study by Climate Interactive, a group of US-based Scientists, the offers that have been suggested so far would lead to a rise of 3.9 degrees Celsius against pre-industrial levels by 2100. This is much higher than the 2 degrees that has been set by scientists as the tipping point pushing us towards chaos and major changes to our environment as we know it.

Knowing this: Are we ready to have this on our conscience as world leaders?

Current Obstacles to a treaty:

  • Developed countries setting unreasonably low emissions targets
  • Financing or the lack of promised money from Developed/Richer countries
  • Managing and handing out the aid money
  • Verifying and enforcing emissions targets

World famous environmental activist Vandana Shiva at Copenhagen:

Stay Tuned,

Neale Baldyga

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