Monday, May 24, 2010

A story from May's Eco Columbia

“Take a look at this one”

A man pulled from one of his bulging coat pockets a cylindric blue stone.

“I’m a geologist, Mrs Leanne. May I?” He pointed to a miniature spy glass and set it between his cheek bone and his brow to gaze at the beautiful stone.

“Is is Sapphire, Mr. Brightlinger?” A young shop girl asked from behind the counter whilst cleaning a dream vase.

“No! It’s new, something completely different!”


“Do you remember that woman I told you about? The one who keeps finding me during my digs?”

“The barefoot one? Who appears to you wearing hardly nothing? You told me about that woman, Mr. Brightlinger. If you don’t mind, I don’t want to hear the rest of whatever you are about to tell me!”

“That’s her! But don’t think she’s some sort of appiration! She’s real I swear! I talk to her about what I am doing and why I am digging. But she says nothing. She just looks at me as I dig and sometimes she joins me in my dig. Wh-y,” Brietlinger chuckled, making the spy glass tremble in his eyesocket, “just yesterday we dug a good ten feet into the ground together, simply enjoying our work and looking at the past unfold in front of us!”

“You don’t say,” came the bored reply from behind the desk

“Yes! And this is what we found!”

He stared at the rock like it was worth something, thought Mrs. Leanne.

Later that year, Brightlinger could be found roaming the woods wearing a long trench coat filled neck to ankle with pockets full of rock samples a young woman had shown him. A young woman who disappeared when he called for her and arose from the ground to show him new beauties.

She was Earth.

Story by Samantha Christmann

Check out Eco Columbia here.

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