Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Installation Call For Work

Remember these? Hint (Columbia Chronicle Stands)

Want to help shape the focus of our next art installation? Have something to say? Send in a design!

Call For Work!

Submission Deadline for upcoming installation: 12:00 Midnight March 19th

Posters will be displayed after Spring Break-End of the Semester

Theme: “The Food Industry: Efficiency or Deficiency?”

Posters must be designed to be printed 11” x 17”

Students are free to interpret this theme however they would like and create a visual (flat image) representation of it. You may use text (facts, quotes, or anything else that might help).

We will be using these themes in the Chronicle stands and in our online promotions (blog, social networking, etc.) You will be credited with your name and contact information (if you would like) on the installation. Looks great for the resume!

Submissions should be sent to Neale at Or can be dropped off at The Columbia Recycling Program 916 S. Wabash 5th Floor

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