Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Textbooks the Thrifty Way

With the new semester right around the corner, and the pool of used textbooks always appearing to shrink every term, it’s time to start saving now for the stack you’ll need in the spring. But why not do yourself a favor and stretch that penny jar even further? Rather than scouring online retailers for cheaper books, go after the ones that are just plain free.

Sites like Paperback Swap ( and Book Mooch ( save books from being ignored on a shelf or tossed in the garbage by offering them to anybody with an internet connection. While they may not have that fifth edition chemistry book, chances are they will have those paperbacks you need for your literature class.

And for those harder to find textbooks that you know you will never reuse, there’s always Chegg ( Existing for the sole purpose of renting you those expensive textbooks that are sure to fetch a whole $5.00 come May, Chegg allows you to rent books for (usually) less than half the cost of buying it. Unlike most websites, they also guarantee delivery before your first class. And should you decide to drop the class within the first 30 days? Free returns. But the best part? They plant a tree for every book you rent, buy or sell!

Article by Caro Griffin

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